When it comes to professions and occupations for your character almost everything is possible. In this CoC game there are no strict list that you have to choose from. The idea with this list is to show some possibilities. Since this is a game more directed towards problems solving scholar skills and professions are more often more useful than profession with a high emphasis on battle skills and weapon handling.

The number of possible skills in this game is endless. When I work out the character sheet for a character I pick ou a few suitable skill mostly depending on the profession that you choose.

If you want your character to have a special ability, but you have any idea what this skill is called in the CoC game then describe this special ability and I will turn it into a proper CoC skill.

For you previously unfamiliar with the Call of Cthulhu game it might be worth to comment on how to choose a profession in this game. The typical character in the CoC game is not the soldier, the mysterious spy or the exotic superhuman. Instead the games is best played with a person that is more of a ordinary everyday person.

Players also often find out that the ability to search through libraries is a more useful skill than weapon handling. Now this doesn't mean that your character will never ever risks his or hers life....on the contrary, a true CoC adventure is a very risky business for your character and when the ultimate horror of the Cthulhu mythos finally reveals itself it might be wise to be prepared.


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Actor/ Actress

Antique dealer



Book dealer



Field researcher



Officer of law enforcement






Private eye