The 1920's is often described as as an era of prohibition and gang violence. Ethnic street gangs competes to gain control over the illegal alcohol market. To be a gangster mean that you have some kind of position in a more or less organized criminal structure. Most Gangsters are pawns in a greater game that involves Kingpins, the police and more or less corrupted politicians. The largest gangs and most twisted criminal minds are usually found in larger cities, but countryside is also haunted by the activities of the underworld. Remote beaches serves as loading docks for smugglers. Small countryside farmsteads are used as black market breweries. In a place like Arkham smaller criminal organizations are doing their best to to provide for an ever thirsty local community. Most player characters that are linked to the world of organized crime will be small time thugs and foot soldiers to criminal masterminds. They are the first to take the heat when things starts to go bad. Is this really something for you?