Further Notes regarding the Rules..........


When I have received your background description I will start to work on a character sheet. In this there will be some values. Most of the things in the Character form are self explanatory, but some things has to be explained:


The characteristic is a value that in most cases runs from 0 to 18. The only exceptions are EDU which can reach a a maximum of 21 and SAN which is 5 times the POW.

STR (Strength)

This is the measurement of the physical powers of the Character. When ever you want to something like lifting, pushing etc. This skill will determine your chances. This Characteristic is also important when it comes to hand to hand combat.

CON (Constitution)

This characteristic determines the basic health, vigor and vitality of the character. If your character are risking being suffocated, drowned or something else unpleasant the constitution will be an important factor.

SIZ (Size)

This Characteristic averages the height and the weight in one number. A person with a height SIZ will be a rather large person.


This characteristic determines the smartness of the character. A person with high INT has a good ability to reason and solve problems.

POW (Power)

The power value determines the strength of the will. Which in turn determines the ability to withstand magical attacks. This characteristic also affects the luck roll. I person with a high POW is generally quite a lucky fellow.

DEX ( Dexterity)

This value gives a measure of how quick and nimble the character is. A fast runner or a skilled thief often have a good DEX.


Appearance determines the looks of the character.


This is a value that determines the level of formal and factual education which the character has received. This has very little to do with intelligence even though it could be important to have some education since it determines the number of skill that your character can have.

SAN (Sanity)

Unlike most other games it is not harmless to just see a monster in CoC. Your character do get scared....sometimes really scared. The PC might even go insane. The SAN is a measurement of your mental stability. It ranges from 0-100. A person with 100 is metal superhuman. A person with 0 is insane. If you see a monster and loses to much points at a single time you might pass out or get a temporary insanity even though you haven't reached 0. The SAN points are usually regained after awhile and the character returns to sanity, but a temporary insanity on the wrong place could be lethal. the sanity is based on your power( POW x 5)

Characteristic rolls:


 This is rolls which I make know and then when I want to test a certain non skill ability. These rolls are just based on the characteristics. This how they are calculated...

idea roll INT x 5

luck roll POW x 5

know roll EDU x 5

Damage bonus based on the strength an the size an then calculated with certain table in the rule book.

Magic points are a measurement of good you are to stand(and even cast) magical spells. Since no spell are known to the player you don't have to worry so much about this.

Hit points: This is a measurement how much damamage you can take before you go down. When it reached 0 the character is dead.

Skills: This not very complicated. If you have 50% in a skill you have a 50% chance to succeed each time you act.

How will I act in this game?- rules concering interaction on the Web......

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