How do I interact with other players in this game?


I run this game through e-mail. The gaming style is is simple. I write to you explaining the situation and you send over your response using the same medium. When you respond to my turns I want you to copy your response to all other members of the team you happen to be a part of( Use the CC function on your mail program) . All in character discussions should be handled in this way. If you want to send info or messages that are only available to me or or to some other player then you can exclude the CC to the character that is not present (or can't access the info you are giving me or the other player).

What do I need to know about the rules?

- Very little, all dicing is done by me and it is my job to keep track of the rules -that leaves only the RPG expedience for you to keep in mind. However if you wish to use a particular ability in a particular situation then do feel free to state that in your response to me. If you are curious about rules details then do feel free to ask -I will do my best to answer.


Player Autonomy

You may not alter major details set in the scenario. However adding a few things to your character's background, less important locations or create minor NPC characters is fully possible.

Response Style

This I leave up to you. However I want you to clearly state when your character performs an action or speaks in character. If you are addressing someone outside the game or out of character then use the following abbreviation .....

OOC: ( Out of character)

When ever you wish to state something in a post out of character you write "OOC: " before the comment you iwsh to make....this will help us avoid at least some confusion.


I hope this will be enough to get you started. However if you do have questions then do let me know!