Autumn Whispers and Winter Callings

The NPC Gallery

Here are the faces of some of the non-player charachers that you might encounter during your journeys into enigmatic world of Autumn Whispers and Winter Callings. Some might prove to be helpfull allies...others might prove to be agents of sinister dark forces. Some have only minor roles in the great scheme, some other are keyplayers. Does these faces tell who is who?...well don't just go first impression!.....behind gentle face there might be hideous secrets...and behind the hideaous face there are at times a gentle soul.....

Dr. Henry Armitage - Chief librarian at the Orne Library

Danny O'Bannion - Arkham Kingpin

Marie Bishop - Dunwich Schoolmistress and Town clerk

Dr. Luther Bloom - M.D, Innsmouth

Johnny Figg - O'Bannion's Lieutenant

Lt.Luther Harden - Chief detective, Arkham Police Department

Sgt.Mickey Harrigan - Young ardent detective, Arkham Police Department

Willy Harsen - Cavern guide and farmstead holder, Dunwich

Hiraam The Junkman - Arkham's Junkman

Cpt.William Keats - Police Chief Nichols subordinate

Dr.William Adolphus Lindbergh - World reknowned linguist at the Miscatonic University

Lucas MacKay - Factory inspector in Essex county

Miss Dora Mulligan - Danny O'Bannion's mistress

Chief Asa Nichols - Head of the Arkham Police Department

Robert Olney - Former Miscatonic student and Murder victim

Henry Osborn - Store owner in Dunwich

Sgt.Raymond Stuckey - Bent cop, Arkham Police Department

Edwin Tillinghast - Book dealer, Arkham

Thaddeus Willforce Van Leyden - Antique dealer, Arkham

Professor Jonathan Wilcott Worthington, Archeology Professor, Miscatonic University, Arkham