Danny O'Bannion

The 33 year old leader of the O'Bannion Mob.

Danny O'Bannion is said to be talkative fellow with a certain rough sort of charm - yet under the surface he definitly harbours a dark side that makes him an ideal gangster. He is cold, brutal and totally ruthless. A head-shrink would perhaps give him the diagnosis " a first rate sociopath bordering towards an outright criminal bent physchosis". O'Bannion is in essence an outsider in Arkham. He was born in Boston and arrived in Arkham in 1925.Soon after arrival he quickly built both a legit trucking company as well as a thoroughly organized criminal organization. It didnít take long before he managed to outmanoeuvre the old crime kingpin of Arkham - Joe Portrello. Most likely O'Bannion was backed up with resources from bigger bosses down in Boston.