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Lovecraft country

A map depicting Northeastern Massachusetts... according to H.P Lovecraft




The town of Arkham has during the 1920's about 22562 citizens. The town was founded in 1692 and soon got a reputation for being haunted by witchcraft and forces that one better not mention. The city is most known for it's famed "Miscatonic University", founded in 1762 on the basis of a foundation set up by a certain Jeremiah Orne. The university is a well reputed institution in the academic world, both in the US and abroad. The town has undergone some changes during the last centuries, especially with the arrival of the textile industry, but has maintain much of it's old atmosphere. Some say that this atmosphere is it's greatest asset...others see it as a curse.  The political situation is quite typical for the 20's; a place booming of new entrepreneurs both in legal and less legal business branches. Arkham has it's fair share of corruption an bootlegging industry, but not even close to the scale seen in larger metropolitan areas.

Here are some links to couple of maps showing features of the township of Arkham during the 1920's.

A map covering the outskirts of Arkham

 A map covering the different neighborhoods in the town

 A map covering the streets names in Arkham


One Arkham's most notorious neighboring townships is a hideous place known as Innnsmouth. Once a flourishing seaside port with an intensive traffic of ships traveling worldwide carrying back goods and wealth.This place is during the 20's to a large extent abandoned. A few decayed and tainted humans still live there more or less isolated from the outside world. Few if any outsider visit this town. Be warned! - This is not a place to stay in after darkness has set in.

Here is a ma plink for those interested in futher study of this wretched place......

A map covering the town of Innsmouth


Dunwich is a township in Northwestern Massachusetts. Founded the years following the Arkham and Salem witch trials in 1692. It began as haven for religious non-conformists. Later it became known as a prosperous lumber and agriculture producing community. This dependency on a few main products made vulnerable to economical changes and much in same manor as Innsmouth this place has degenerated and become subject to a steady depopulation.The Miscatonic University has become increasingly interested in the Pre-history of the Dunwich region, much due to the geological anomalies and archeological artifacts found in the area(see the link to the article below). The failures by the local draft board to fill it's quota with healthy recruits during the Great War have also lead to increasing interest for Anthropologists to study the area to seek an answer to what actually has redered this degeration.

A map covering the entire Dunwich Country


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