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In Search of a Possible Lost Civilization in Northwestern Massachusetts

- Miscatonic Scholars visting the Township of Dunwich Unveils the remains of remarkable Indian Culture in New England


A picture depicting Pyramind mountain, a geological anomaly in Northwestern Massachustetts, found near the township of Dunwich. Please note the cone shaped form of this mountain. So far no scientific explanations has been given why this mountain differ so remarkably in comperison with the surrounding landscape. During the summer of 1927 a combined Archeological and Geological expedition set out from the Miscatonic University. Their main tasks were to locate possible sites of Abenaki Indian burial grounds and also to get mineral samples from the mountain nearby.


Apart from the mysterious Pyramid mountain there is also the a number of stone circles( seen to the left in this picture) in the area that is belied to be the remains of the little known Abenaki culture. Dr J. Worthington, one of the leaders of the expedition, believes that this Indian tribe might have been a high standing civilization that well can be compared with similar cultures in Meso-America(for example the Aztecs and the Mayas).

To the right Professor J. Worthington points at the Pyramid mountain. The professor claims that significant findings have been made in the excavation sites located at the base of the mountain. This indicates that the mountain had a special meaning the cult life of the Abenaki Indians. The Professor explains: "This mountain has most probably been the center of the universe for the Abenakis. As they arose in the morning they could see this 'mountain of the Gods' watching them as they began to their daily duties. In recorded Indian folklore this mountain was taboo. In short one could say that it was off limits for the common memeber of the tribe, since the Gods dwelt within it. There are even stories about Gods coming down from the mountain to instruct the Abenakis in their daily life as well as in their rituals. These Gods often provided the abenakis with precious gifts and some stories tells about Gods marrying mortal womans, thus createing a mixed group Gods and mortals. Among these "divine ones" the abenakis often drafted their shamans.The main deities in the Abenaki religion seems to be a hideous creature called 'Aa-boo-the'. This creature was though to live beneath the mountain."




An example of the numerous stonecircles found in the Dunwich area. The orgins of these stones are still unknown, but it is not unlikely that it is the work of the Abenaki's, though some scholars have put forth even more fatastic ideas; such as early pre-columbian European colonies.