Investigator's Name: Dr. Tibor Szalasi


Sex: Male

Occupation: Professor/Fieldresearcher

Colleges:Temesvar/Vienna and Prague

Birthplace: Debrecen(Hungary)




Dr. Tibor Szalasi, Hungarian folklore professor and researcher, currently visiting New England on an academic exchange. Born in Debrecen (in what is now eastern Hungary) in 1875, Dr Szalasi has spent much of his life researching the folklore and pre-Christian religions of the Magyar and Slovak peoples of the northern Carpathian basin. Educated in Temesvar (now Timisoara in Romania) Dr Szalasi spent much time in study, poring over obscure testimonials of Roman and Turkish conquerors hundreds of years before. Dr Szalasi's theories about a wide-ranging, cross-continental, pre-Christian underground religious order made him the laughingstock of his profession, and he quit for a time, retiring to the small town of Komarno, on the Danube. His further freelance research brought him a small amount of fame, as he has been the first to begin convincingly confirming theories of ancestral connections between modern Magyars and the primitive cultures of northern China. It is as a result of this small fame that he has now found himself in Massachusetts, just finishing with talks, and with a little time on his hands...