Actually needless to say there are two types of soldiers - officers and enlisted men

An officer is a military person who spends his time telling other what to do...probably much more boring than one can imagine. But the skill of the warrior shall not be underestimated. An officer possesses often both intellectual as well as more practical skills.

The enlisted is the common man in the file and ranks of an army. A man with mostly practical skills, although some solders have during their line of service seen more than the ordinary worker, which might led to a degree in "the school of life".

Since this CoC game is mainly focused on 20s there are few things to mention regarding this profession. There are quite a few people who have had a direct war experience as service men. The great war has just been fought and many people do bear inner scars after their years spent by front. The actual number of active service men during the 20s is far less. Most nations have decommissioned large proportions of their armed forces. For example the US army could only muster force that wasn't that much larger armed forces of Romania. The general sentiment of the 20's was that wars would no longer be fought between civilized nations.