Investigator's name: Stan "Red" Kingsley

Age: 31

Sex: Male

Place of Birth: Hobart, Tasmania in Australia


Occupation: Investigative Photographer


Red served in WWI with ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps). During service received photographic training and transfered to Press Corps. During WWI, made contacts with USA War Correspondent (Walter Wilding-Davidson) who offered job. Moved to States and joined Boston Newspaper where he teamed up with Anni Wilding-Davidson. Together they have developed a good rep for investigative pieces, possibly even won awards. Easy go lucky approach, makes it easy for him to befriend and talk to people, speakes with Australian Accent. Has had an interest in Native Legends and Customs since childhood (Aboriginal - Australian), this was furthered during war in (Egypt, Turkey,etc) and in the States with American Natives. Does drink a bit too much on occasion, usually beer, but has developed a taste for Bourbon. Smokes a packet a day. Hates red tape and authority, which often leads him into trouble.Annie owns A-Model Ford, repainted "Bright Yellow", Red calls it "the Lemon"