Investigator's name: Octavian Lazarous Welles (aka Lucifer Jones)

Age: 30's something

Sex: Male

Place of Birth: Birmingham, Great Britain

Degrees: PHD Archaelogy, Oxford

Occupation: Antique dealer






Appearance: Lucifer Welles is a handsome studly fellow, black wavy hair left a bit long, smouldering dark green eyes and a suave smile; he stands 5'10" and about 160 lbs, a slightly slender build, so clothes look very well on him. He is in his early 30s.

Description/history: As a man of the Middle class, he has a nice place to live above his shop, a workshed out back, and 2 vehicles; one is a 1/2 ton Dodge truck, model 1919, and the other is an immaculate 1921 Pierce-Arrow. His shop is an eclectic mix of curiosities, dating from BC (some battered Roman coins) to as recent as the war of 1812, and not a junk shop, but well maintained with glass cases and nice shelving. His best customers are, not surprisingly, ladies of wealth and breeding; he's a discreet and mannerly man, and has no qualms about "sweetening the deal" by throwing in some "personal" attention. He has a soft Midlands British accent, which he has carefully maintained - he was born and raised in Britain. During the war, he was blissfully lucky and worked in a London Motor Pool as a lowly private, serving with no particular distinction. He remains a bachelor, having not yet found a woman willing to keep him in the style to which he would like to become accustomed. As an antique dealer, he's inquisitive, has a lot of free time, and will go poking around almost anywhere, if there could be some benefit construed from looking about.


Contacts: other antique dealers, local historians. He earned his sobriquet

"Lucifer" from some other dealers after doing some very tricky deals, and

likes it better than being called Octy, Tavian, Tavvey, or Hey you. His

middle name is Lazarous, hardly an improvement on Octavian.