Investigator's Name: Milton Watcher

sex: male

Age: 25

Occupation: Jounalist/ lawschool student

Colleges/ degrees: Lawschool/ Miscatonic

Birthplace: Athens, Texas



Mr. Watcher, a transplanted Texan currently residing in Arkham, works part time at the paper as a reporter to pay his way through his final years of law school. He is also the last in a line of Southern blue bloods.

The Watchers made a fortune centuries ago in the slave trade. Officially, the family began a slow decline when the importation of slaves was outlawed. However, according to family legends it began earlier with curses upon the Watchers from the dark jungles. Regardless, the Watchers do show a propensity towards congenital insanity. The family began a serious decline after the Civil War. Oil drilling, called wildcatting, in Texas offered an opportunity to change this, by getting oil from the Texas lands (littered with stagnate swamps) that had been in the family sense before the Texas revolution. This is when thing really began to fall apart. The Dallas Morning News carried the story of the unusual earth tremors that occurred with the drilling of the first, and last, test hole on Watcher land. The paper also said only salt water came out of the pipe. Milton's mother, Abigail, said what came out the pipe was the color of blood and ran up hill. In any event, the well was quickly capped. A sample of the substance that came out the well was run through the usual battery of tests that crude oil is put through, by Milton's father, Samuel, and his uncle, Seth. The Dallas Morning News also reported that Seth killed Samuel, Milton's two brothers, Peter and Jebadiah, and his own wife Mary and daughter Samantha. The Dallas Morning News further reports that wild animals killed Seth. Abigail says that the sheriff just found Seth's skin at the Watcher oil well after the murders. Million has had his mother confined to Arkham Asylum because she is insane, given to fits of violent paranoia. It is also in Arkham, where he now lives. Most of what is left of the family's trust fund goes to pay for her medical care.

Lately Milton has noticed he has an usual fear of blood - he is certain this is from the stories his mother tells about how Uncle Seth died. She says he began vomiting up blood into the failed Watcher oil well and kept vomiting blood down the pipe until he simply deflated.

To pay for his schooling Milton works part time as a reporter for the Arkham paper. He attends Miskatonic University for a law degree because that is what his father and grandfather both did in their time. Milton is too slim, he does not eat enough but his is not cadaverous nor pasty in complexion. He is not particularly athletic but he does have quick reflexes. In addition to begin educated in the law, he has a minor in journalism - hence his current job.