Age:a good guess would be in his late 20's
Sex: Male
Occupation: Dilletante and Amteur Parapsychologist
Colleges ; Degrees: Hich School and the School of life
Birthplace: Arcane, NY, USA



History: Matt began his life like most people do. Born, Raised, sent to school, Graduated high school, But after that things take an odd turn. Feeling restless at home and confined in collage he decided to take to the road in his car and never looked back. He Made most of his money by repairing odds and ends in peoples houses even though he was not that good at it but finally after years of searching and studying this and that he found his true passion... The human mind. He began studying ancient history, Psychology, and the human belief system. He still travels and works at repairing things. And he is still not that good at it. But recently he has noticed similar tales in old belief systems and thinks that perhaps he will find some great truth behind them if only he studies hard enough......