Investigator's name: Marek Petrovic

Age: 31

Sex: Male

Place of Birth: Yakutsk, Russia

Degrees: Ma, Folklore and Mythology

Occupation: Sholar/ Journalist



Born of a Russian father and a Serbian mother. The harshness of the Siberian winter was too cruel a burden for Marek's poor mother, Radina. The family moved back to Radina's place of birth in Yugoslavia when Marek was just 2 years old, after a protracted case of pneumonia led to a spell of hospitalisation for Radina. With her health deteriorating by the month she finally convinced her husband, Andriy, that the family would face a better future in the warmer climate of her homeland.

So, with winter approaching, the Petrovic family began the long journey South.


They arrived in Serbia to find the farm owned by Radina's family in a state of disrepair. Most of the family had by now moved away to a better life in Belgrade, leaving 2 of Radina's cousins in charge of the farm, which they had been unable to sell. These cousins were not suited to country life and had neglected the farm, intending to soon join the rest of the family in Belgrade, and so were happy to accept the offer of giving control of the farm to Radina and family. It took a long Summer of intense work but soon the farm was back to some degree of order and the cousins left for Belgrade.


Andriy and Radina toiled hard and the farm supplied a comfortable enough life for the family. As the nearest school was some distance away Marek was taught at home with the help of books sent by Radina's relatives in Belgrade. Even at this early age Marek showed a great talent and love of learning and was soon reading and writing well. But Marek's seventh year brought sadness. Radina contracted Tuberculosis and died.


The following years were difficult almost beyond endurance. Andriy worked himself to exhaustion, with Marek still too young to be of much assistance around the farm. Whilst Andriy toiled Marek was left to his own devices and spent most of his days wandering in the forests around the farm and reading anything he could lay his hands on. He soon developed a love of the local folk tales and directed his mind towards studying them. As he grew Marek began to take on more and more responsibility on the farm, but his father knew that in his heart Marek wanted to travel to Belgrade to study. Selling the now prosperous farm brought enough money to send Marek to Belgrade where he lived alone, Radina's family being vastly disappointed in the sale of the farm, even though they had originally abandoned it themselves. Marek was soon studying Comparative Religion, Folklore & Mythology and Literature at the University in Belgrade and was making good progress.


Less than a year later war broke out in Europe and Marek, with great sadness in his heart, decided to leave the country and the madness of the Great War. It was decided that he would go to the USA as Andriy had relatives there. He was to leave immediately and Andriy would join him as soon as possible. Tragically, Andriy never made it to America, the boat carrying him there sinking in the Mid-Atlantic. Marek was now living in a strange country with his father's cousin who he had never before met. When news of Andriy's death reached Marek he was sent into a spiral of despair and depression, culminating in a failed suicide attempt. Marek was dragged half-drowned from a lake close to the home and was soon sent away.


Andriy's cousin, Robert, was a reasonable man and after some discussion with Marek it was decided that a return to study could help to save Marek from his depression. Robert had several acquaintances through whom he was able to secure a scholarship for Marek at Miscatonic University. He had soon completed his studies, again in Folklore & Mythology and Literature. So impressed were the Professors at the University that Marek was offered a part-time post lecturing on Folklore & Mythology which he gratefully accepted. The rest of his income comes from another part-time post as an assistant Editor for a small local newspaper.


Marek has developed into a respected member of the community, and seems to have left his dark days behind him. Although he is sometimes perceived as lazy he is not afraid of hard work when he is bound by duty or when working for a person who has gained his trust and respect. It is only with arrogant or overbearing people that he will often refuse to be commanded.



Marek is above average height and of medium build. He is slightly pale with a thin face which he keeps clean-shaven. Years of reading has taken its toll and he now wears round glasses for reading. Marek is always smartly dressed, preferring dark grey or black clothes and white shirts. His dark hair is cut very short and his blue-grey eyes exude a feeling of serenity. Marek appears to many to be a man at peace with himself.