Investigator's name: Luc Degoul

Age: 31

Sex: Male

Place of Birth: Arkham, Ma

Degrees: Ba, Miscatonic U

Occupation: Photographer


Born in the autumn of 1896 in Arkham. His parents moved from Canada in the late 1800-century and moved into Rivertown. His father worked with Gregor Weilder, a glassblower where he stayed until he died of cardiac infarction. Meanwhile Luc had graduated from Miskatonic University. He started to work at "Walters' optics and fancy toys", but after his father's death he moved to Boston where he went back to the school bench. There he learned about journalism, though his funds ran short and he managed to get a job as a police photographer, where he picked up the "art" of firearms. Though, one day in the winter of 1923, at the scene of a murder, the police were gathering evidence and taking photos of the crime scene. Luc were photographing the bedroom where a number of child carcasses were scattered like a two-year-old child had used them as dolls. He heard loud voices from living room, but didn't pay attention, not until the first gunshot, then another and another and another. Luc were petrified. Even when his fear was hammering against his throat, choking, he just had to know what happened. Fumbling after his Colt .45 Automatic, suddenly realizing that he never used to carry the gun. Luc sneaked to the living room, where the scrams of horror and pain flew like a river. He didn't dare to look, not until the screams had died out, gently round the corner staring into a fog of a 6 foot 10 creature with long arms and talons that dripped of dark red blood. It's head swayed from side to side, staring at Luc like he were something of great wonder.At least is that what Luc says he remembers, as a neighbor found him in the apartment soaked in blood and bits of flesh. Apparently he had blacked out, and were dismissed from the force and sent to a sanitarium for recovery. He stayed there for a few months, until he managed to bribe himself out of there.Now he had enough money to move back to Arkham where he bought himself a house and got himself a job at the Arkham Advertiser. He was successful but grew tired of his boss Harvey Gedney and left the newspaper to start on his own. Though he still takes some jobs for the Advertiser, but he runs his own schedule. His mother still lives in the old house and his three brothers are scattered around Massachusetts, though his young sister still lives in Arkham.