Age: 25
Sex: Male
Occupation: College Teacher and Field researcher
Colleges & Degrees: Oxford University
MA - Arcehology and History
Minor studies in egyptology and linguistics.
Birthplace: London, England


Migrated to Australia in the early part of this century with his parents, who were killed in the harsh Australian outback. This is when he decided to follow his dream of travelling and learning.

James graduated Oxford University and went to Australia with his parents upon graduating. During a camping trip with members of his family, his parents died an unfortunate death due to dehydration in the harsh lands of the Australian outback.

Setting back to England with inheritance and sadness at hand he decided that it was time to fulfill a lifelong passion and travel the world and gather knowledge of ancient civilizations and cultures with the money his parents had left behind. Selling their estate in England and most if not all of their belongings, he set off. He travelled the Pyramids of Egypt, the ruins of Greece, the red sands of Australia, the ice-topped mounts of Scandinavia following myths and legends of days gone by. From the northern Nordic regions he worked his way to France and crossed the ocean to the Americas.

He now finds himself in Arkham, Mass. for he has heard rumours on his trails of deeds and superstitions which altogether fascinate him. He looks to setlle and this city seems to be the one that will give him his bookstore and apartment to live in. Ammassing an enormous amount of written material on his travels he plans to have it shipped to Arkham and hopefully find time to sit and spend the days studying the words and artefacts he brought back.