Investigator's name: Henry (Hank) Percival Grissom.

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Place of Birth: New York, NY

Degrees: Has just signed in on the Chemistry program on Miscatonic University

Occupation: Dilletante, Athlethe and hopefully a student as well



Hank grew up in a financially well-off household. His father is part-owner of an international shipping company based in New York City, and the family has residences in the city and upstate. Hank has an older brother, Mervyn, and a younger sister, Kate. Mervyn has been groomed to take over the business upon Father's retirement. Hank has been expected and encouraged to find his niche, but he has been a bit of a disappointment. Father has diagnosed him with "chronic lack of focus." It is still to be hoped that he will contribute to the success of the business and of the country.

Hank was active in sports during his college-prep and undergraduate days. He has travelled through much of Europe (first with his father on business, and later with friends from school). He attended a socially prestigious college in New York for four years, earned a degree in the Liberal Arts, and went on to a more academically prestigious law school. After one year, he is now taking a break to reassess his professional goals. He has heard that there is great room for advancement in the field of chemical engineering, and he is leaning gently toward pursuing a career in that field. Hank is engaged to Tess Earhardt, a daughter of a family friend. A date has not been set.