Sex: Female
Age: 24
Born: Newburyport , Massachusetts, USA
Occupation: Singer/Teacher

Background: Her father was a teacher of music at Newburyport High School and her mother was a full-time housewife with 4 children of her own to take care of. Although her parents encouraged her to have many interests, Fanny took to her father's profession the way a bird takes to the air. Being the oldest daughter and second oldest child in the family earned Fanny certain attentions at an early age. Her older brother Wayne grew up as a successful businessman but joined the American army in 1916
and was subsequently killed in 1918. Her younger sister Annabelle is 15 and always tries to be like her older sister, but being the youngest in a family of four, she is frequently encouraged to remain at home for as long as possible. Fanny has a younger brother, George (age 20), who lives in Boston and works as an assistant photographer to a major Boston newspaper.

Fanny learned music at an early age and began playing piano at the age of 5. However, she soon tired of playing music, and took to singing. By the time she was 13, she had won several local competitions and had even been invited to a citywide contest held in Boston. At the age of 17, Fanny
tried to drop out of high school to sing in a musical group called Frank's Fabulous Four. However, her father quickly halted that idea. Though flattered, he insisted that she prepare to attend college. She attended Miskatonic University and graduated at 22 with a degree in music. By now, she was fairly well known throughout the state and landed a job at a prestigious club in Boston. Unfortunately, this club was run by the mob. Fanny's first look at the larger life came at this club. It was here she met Nick Angelosi, a local mafia wiseguy, that she quickly fell in love with. He taught her many things about city life, money, and love. He even gave her a .25 derringer to protect herself when he wasn't able to attend the club. He taught her how to shoot a shotgun, although she was just as likely to miss as hit the target even with the wide spread of such a weapon. She enjoyed her nearly 2 year stint at the club until Angelosi was slain in revenge for a hit he performed only a month earlier on a rival mob faction. Fanny herself had been attacked at her flat near the club, but had managed a few quick kicks and a wild shot with her derringer that creased the assassin's ear, and managed to scare him away. Fanny fled to Arkham, not wanting to go home to her parents and related the sordid tale of her past two years. It was here that she took to teaching music privately, and hanging around with her old college professors tutoring young students. Every once in a while she tried to sing in the local clubs but always became afraid the mob faction that
killed Angelosi and had attempted to kill her would find her and finish the job.