Sex: Male
Occupation: Professor( currently at the Miscatonic)
Colleges ; Harvard
Birthplace: Boston,MA



Professor Edgar Williams was born in Boston, MA, in the early 1870's but was raised in Hong Kong, where his American parents were working, for some shadowy unexplained reason, for the British government. Edgar was not a particularly liberal or sensitive person, but he could not fail to notice that the British government did some pretty shabby things to the Chinese, with the Opium wars and all; and he secretly wished, while he was growing up, that this ancient and mysterious civilization might someday be given the respect it deserved.

Edgar never did find out what his parents did in their work for the government, but when he was 17 years old, they disappeared mysteriously while on some unknown assignment, and he was sent back to the states to live with his mother's sister's family. He completed his schooling at Harvard, achieving neither excellent nor failing grades.

At first, due to culture shock, he had more friends among the extremely rare (in those days) foreign students than he did among his fellow Americans, most of whom had never been to a foreign country, while he had spent nearly his entire young life thus far in Hong Kong! He eventually became a professor of ancient languages.

His life for the next few decades was normal enough, aside from his occasionally researching some odd and somewhat disreputable occult sources when it looked like they might lead him to some clues as to the disappearance of his parents. These researches often brought him into contact with curious and fascinating people and ideas which further set his keen mind apart from what might be considered absolutely respectable and sane, but they never brought him any closer to finding his parents.

Edgar managed, for the most part, to conceal his strange interests from his colleagues.