Sex: Male
Occupation: Bookstore owner
Colleges ; Degrees: MA from Princeton and Miscatonic
Birthplace: New Orleans, U.S



Edward "Eddie" Russ was born in New Orleans, LA in 1899 . His family was very well-to-do, despite the fact that they were first generation Irish immigrants, and Eddie had an easy childhood. At the age of 18 he signed up at the Princeton, but had to leave almost immediately since things where afoot in Europe. The Great War had already broken out and when the U.S. went to war in 1917, Eddie signed up. He was wounded in the head at the battle of St. Michel in 1918. When he return to the U.S he did suffer from symtoms of Shell-shock and the war kept on haunting Eddie and in some ways still does. His head wound gives him occasional hallucinations and flashbacks, and he does not like guns or Germans. The war was the most traumatic experience in his life, and he tries not to think about it.

Eddie never returned to Princeton. Instead he decided to complete his exam at the Miscatonic University in Arkham. After graduating from the University he started a small business of his own in Arkham. He opened a small Book Store on West Main Street.