Investigator's name: Charles Drake

Age: 31

Sex: Male

Place of Birth: Gloucester, Ma

Degrees: Boston University

Occupation: Engineer



Charles Drake was born in 1894, in the New England fishing village of Gloucester. The third son born and raised in a strict middle class Irish family, Charles quickly learned the definition of discipline. At the age of 14 Charles was caught red-handed by a local constable filching candy from a penny store. The constable was willing to overlook the matter (boys-will-be-boys), but Charles' father would have nothing to do with it. Two weeks after the incident Charles found himself in the Arthur Boreman School for boys.Charles took to the year-round school well. Though he was not to be the most popular boy in school, he was very active in the athletic courses the school had to offer. Charles graduated from Arthur Bormen with honors in 1912. The following Semester Charles was on the Boston University campus, enrolled in their fine engineering courses.It was during his time at Boston University that the Great War began. Charles along with his two older brothers (Silvester and Joseph) quickly enlisted in the U.S. Army. His two older brothers became infantry men, and saw a lot of battle.

Charles was trained in aviation and became an adept fighter pilot. During the second year of the war tragedy struck the Drake family. Silvester Drake was killed in battle, Joseph was sent to a British mental institution suffering from severe shell-shock, and Charles was shot down behind enemy lines. From his crash site Charles new that he was hurt bad. His leg was twisted in a terrible manner, and it was impossible to stand. Charles was taken prisoner and held at a P.O.W. camp until the end of the war.

Charles Drake returned to Massachusetts in 1921, after a brief visit to the U.K. to visit his brother Joseph. He must use a cane to get around these days, a fall back from the wound he received in the war. Charles has now finished his schooling in engineering and holds a well-to-do job off of Hyde Street in the city of Arkham. He has lately felt the urge to go out and do something fun for a change, but so far nothing has come to mind.At the age of 33 Charles Drake looks older beyond his years. The war was not good to him, and he now needs a cane for walking (move: 6). He appears a sophisticated, no-nonsense sort of fellow. Always ready to get down to the heart of the problem, Charles first will carfully think his way through the situation at hand before acting.