Investigator's Name: Danny McIvor


Sex: Male

Occupation: Fisherman


Birthplace: Kingsport, Ma




Danny is a 30 year old sometime fisherman/ yacht crew (in the 20s it was common for fishermen to supplement their income in the summer during the spawning season by acting as crew aboard the racing yachts of the rich.) Since prohibition however, the smuggling has proved too lucrative to pass up. Not a gangster by any stretch, Danny is a figure on the fringes of the gangs, a contractor rather than a member.

Physical description: A brawny, weatherbeaten man with sandy hair and a gingerish beard. A broken nose adds character and a ready smile softens his craggy features somewhat. Danny's clothes are almost always shabby and are usually marred by paint, oil, stockholm tar or some other nameless substance that people around boats seem to attract.