Age: 29
Sex: Male
Place of Birth: Glasgow, Scotland
Degrees: Batchelor of Science Degree in Astronomy, University of Glasgow Occupation: Dilletante


The character is probably what would be described as a Dillettante. The eventual carrer goal of the character is to be an investigator in the new world. He was raised on a farm and is skilled in several trades associated with such an upbringing. Also, he is able to make money from automobile repair, bartending, and writing. He is fairly well travelled in europe and the eastern united states. He is well read and enjoys modern american literature. He is a fairly outgoing individual and an astute observer. He generally has no problem meeting women, but is not currently involved.He is interested in the paranormal, but is not knowledgeable in the field. He is interested in the American legal and political system and does have the ambition to become a lawyer eventually. One slight problem he does have is the tendency to drink heavily a night or two a week...