Investigator's name: Chalmers MacIlwayne

Age: 32

Sex: Male

Place of Birth: Charleston, SC

Degrees: The University of South Carolina, BA, JD

Occupation: Dilettante (Law Professor)


Chalmers was born into an old, wealthy Southern family. His family has a history of madness and rumors of more--connections to voodoo, learned from African conjurers, for example--but by Chalmers' generation such things were neatly swept under the carpet in favor of pursuing the family business. Although unhealthy (which a heavy tendency to drink, smoke, and eat pork only exacerbates) and only of average intelligence, Chalmers was packed off to school to study to be a lawyer and further the family interests. (His older brother was groomed to run the business)

When the Great War came, Chalmers enlisted (as a lieutenant, due to class more than merit) and served several years on the front, where he developed quite a reputation with his sidearm. Although disturbed by the horrors of war, Chalmers returned unharmed to the United States where his military service only furthered his career. Offered a short term position as instructor in law at Miskatonic University by his former commanding officer, Chalmers took it, with an eye toward making contacts with "the Yankees" and furthering his own career and that of the family business. On the surface a genial Southern gentleman, quick to make friends and influence people, the whispers of his ancestral history and fragmented memories of the war continue to nag Chalmers and push him outside the genteel circuit he so naturally inhabits, inexplicably drawn toward those whose intelligence or reputation indicate their connection toward a secret, horrible world.