Investigator's name: Lt. Richard Avery


Age: 27

Sex: Male

Place of Birth: Glasgow, Scotland

Degrees: Masters degree in History from Cambridge

Occupation: Military Officer

(Lieutenant, 27th Highland Regiment of Foot, British Army, Has served one 4 year stint in Africa and then fought

in the Great War in France.)



Likes to wear the formal kilt and uniform jacket of his regiment. He will wear the appropriate slacks and accoutremounts if needed or if in a non-formal situation. All his clothing is military in cut and design. He wears no beard or moustache and his hair is cut short but stylishly. He does come from wealth, his father was the Baron of Loch Nimsis in the far north of Scotland but fortunes are somewhat declined and are barely enough for him to maintain himself as a gentleman. He is handsome and suave, his social skills are as good as his skills of war. Although made somewhat grim by his experiences in the Great War, Richard tries to be happy and optimistic. He has come to the States to visit relatives (You pick them please) His mother died when he was very young and his father passed while he was in France. Richard is an able swordsman, has some expereince hunting (Rifle or shotgun) and is a fair hand with a pistol. He also has moderate credit and excellent social skills. His degree in History has given him adecent skill in History, library use and some minor details of the occult.