Investigator's name: Anthony Sylvester Perrimore

Age: 36

Sex: Male

Place of Birth: Pittsburgh, PA

Degrees: Edinboro University, bachelor's degree

Occupation: Architect and hobby antiquarian


Anthony is a bit of a complex character. he lives a double life. During daytime he is the esteemed architect. He runs his own firm in Arkham and there is actually very few economical reasons to try to back up the salary for his daytime job. He has broad network of connection into the high society of Arkham and he is regarded as a respectable gentleman. However He has always had a fascination for history and old artifacts. and this has opened up for "hobby" that could be labeled as a bit shady. Anthony has together with an Ukrainian immigrant named Yvegeny Schuss started a small time business in which they are dealing with antiquarian artifacts. Often these artifacts originates form more or less illegal excavation or plundering of Indian burial grounds and the remains of old colonial habitats.

Personal Description: Dark hair, brown eyes, dresses sub high-class but basically average, curious yet cautious.