Investigator's name: Annie Wilding-Davidson

Age: 28

Sex: Female

Place of Birth: Boston, Ma

Degrees: University Bachelor of Arts studied Languages, History and Psychology

Occupation: Investigative Reporter


Annie is a daughter of a Newspaperowner in Boston. The father raised his daughter as independent, strong willed and an active supporter of social/ethical issues. Annie has been Travelling independently - Europe, Africa, Egypt, India. She met her current preofessional partner and friend 'Red 'Kingsly through her father, Instant attraction intellectuallyoccured immdietaly. Together they have developed a good rep for investigative pieces, possibly even won awards. Fascinated with people from all socio-economic backgrounds, good communicator. Smokes, not adverse to the occasional joint or peace-pipe.Passionate about black jazz music.Annie owns A-Model Ford, repainted "Bright Yellow" Red calls it "the Lemon