What is this game all about ?

- Well I will try not to reveal too much, it would spoil all the fun, but I can give you the following information:

This is a PBeM(play by e-mail) roleplaying game. We play the Call of Cthulhu RPG over the net. In this game all interaction is based on ordinary e-mail communication. It is quite simple and seriously fun - if you are willing to put some effort it to that is. In order to be a part of all this just follow the guidelines on this web-page and if something is unclear then just ask. The current running adventure is outlined below....

Bad Moon Rising

October 1929

It all starts with the mysterious death of two divers, who's dead bodies are washed ashore on a desolate beach outside Innsmouth, Massachusetts. It all looks like tragic, yet quite ordinary, diving accident. However things soon starts to evolve. An occult session at the Society "The eye of Amara" in some peculiar way links up to this tragic happening. Later on strange rumours about government agents and military personnel in the desolated town of Innsmouth starts to circulate. Someone, someone high up in the upper echelons of power, is trying to cover up the truth. Something is going on off the coast of Massachusetts…..

Leave our modern world behind and enter the 1920's!

Now step 2......if you want to join this game take a look at the character construction section...just push the Eldersign below!