How to create a character....


There are two ways of doing this........

A) If you own your own rule set then you can construct a character on your own. This character has to be cleared by me before we play. No superhumans will be allowed and I will take the liberty to change some values and details, if I feel it is necessary.

Your character is totally inexperienced when it comes to the Cthulhu mythos, so your character have not read any tomes and have no mythos skills.

B) Give me a background and I will do the rest. If you choose this option then I want to have an answer on the following questions:

1) Do you want o play a male or female

2) Name and Age: This will affect the experience of the character and which skill will be available for him/her.

3) Colleges and Degrees: Is the Character highly educated in formal schools or a person who has gone through "the school of life"?

4) Profession or Title/social status: What's the formal title of character's occupation or social status? ( for example Professor, Doctor, Baron, Count ect.)

No ideas for suitable profession....check this list out!

5) Birthplace/ nationality

6) Appearance : Describe the physical appearance of the character.

7) Additional background: Give me a short background description. What has this character done in his life before he appeared in this adventure.


The more details you give the more inspired will I be, which could be important when I fill in the blanks in the Character formula.


Some more details concerning the rules